Sell in 90 days or less. 

By specifying a date on which you intend to sell, you create a sense of urgency with potential buyers and this becomes a catalyst for the entire sales process.


Focus on your property alone by exclusively showcasing it throughout the marketplace, which will provide maximum visibility among the target market most likely interested in your property.Our experienced marketing professionals, public relations and direct sales efforts will bring your property to the attention of qualified prospects.

Carrying Cost: 

 Pozy Auctions helps you eliminate the costs that erode your equity, and will often net you the highest price possible. When your property is listed for sale according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) say the average home owner can expect to pay about 1% every month of what the home is worth. This is your maintenance, taxes, mortgage, and any unexpected cost that may arrive while still being the owner. This cost can directly affect the bottom line for selling which makes for harder negotiations.


Buyers act on your schedule because you set the date and time of the sale and the terms and conditions such as NonRefundable deposits, closing time frames and more, thus eliminating negotiations. Potential buyers know you are committed to sale on a specific date, therefore, they do their homework in advance and arrive ready to bid on sale day.


Do you want to sell your property? The reason for this question is the basic premise of why have
an auction or better an Accelerated Sale? Do you have the 2 key factors for a successful auction as a seller? 1) MOTIVATION and 2) EQUITY. Their can be many reasons why one would have reasons to sell ie.. Carrying cost, maintenance, live in another state and so-on. When you have an Absolute auction the seller is making a conscious effort to sell, which in turn let’s potential Buyer’s know the property is going to transfer. The anticipation is high for the Buyer’s and the Seller’s! “How much are we going to receive today?” Seller’s.. “What deal can we expect to receive today?” as a Buyer. This excitement the day of the sale becomes an excitement that you cannot imagine for both Seller’s and Buyer’s. The day of the sale, whatever the outcome, is what the property value was on that particular day. When a seller request their property to sell with a “Reserve” this is more less an appraisal process. “Reserve” Auctions tells the potential Buyer’s; “We would like to sell if we have the right bid.” More then often “reserve” auctions don’t sell! Guess who get’s to keep their property? The Seller!They become the highest bidder! The 2 Key factors I mentioned at the start of this paragraph 1) Motivation and 2) Equity! These 2 factors are KEY to a SUCCESSFUL ACCELERATED SALE OR AUCTION!